Immortal Daddy Xianzun
Immortal Daddy Xianzun
Diikuti 118 orang
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Immortal Daddy Xianzun Bahasa Indonesia

Judul Alternatif Immortal Daddy Xianzun, Immortal Deity Daddy, Immortal Is a Stay-in Son-in-law, Immortal Reverence Dad, L'immortel est un gendre au foyer, O Immortal É Um Genro Caseiro, The Love Story of My Immortal Dad, Vú Em Tiên Tôn Đi Ở Rể, Xian Zun Naiba Dang Zhuixu, เซียนจุนเป็นลูกเขย, 仙尊パパが婿入り!?, 仙尊奶爸当赘婿, 아빠는 데릴사위

Sinopsis Immortal Daddy Xianzun

To find the mother for his loving daughter, the Grand Heavenly Master of the Immortal World decides to descend to earth and marry into the mother’s household. As such, he becomes a live-in son-in-law who is detested by everyone. Although the Grand Heavenly Master has lost all his power, there is still no way that the prince from the Demon World, or someone who has a cheat system at hand would be a match for him…Original Webcomic:

Released 2019
Author June Snow Studio
Artist Erciyuan, June Snow Studio
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